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Are ya'll ready to settle down, and get with this?

because you know it's alot of love here

Barbed Wire Biscuit
aaliyah, adult swim, adv, alternative, anis shimada, art, batman, beauty, berserk, bleach, boondocks, boots, calligraphy, celtic music, chicago, classical, clever stories, clubs, cocoa butter, coffee, comics, cowboy bebop, crystal kay, culture, dancing, danny elfman, david bowie, design, diversity, dr. seuss, dragons, drawing, earth tones, epics, exercising, family, fantasy, fellowship, fiona apple, firefly, flute, food, frank herbert, friends, gackt, gantz, gina torres, grace, graphic design, hair color, harry potter, hats, history, hyung-tae kim, ice cream, in-sist, incubus, indiana, indiana jones, individualism, j-hip-hop, j/k-dramas, jazz, joss whedon, jrock, k-pop, kim jae joong, kiyoharu, languages, laruku, laughing, lee hyori, lee jun ki, local bands, long skirts, love, m-flo, marvel, masanobu ando, massive attack, michael turner, models, monoral, moon child, mos def, movies, muse, mystery, mythology, nature, neo-soul, ninja scroll, ninjas, pictures, playing, pop mhan, prince of persia, r&b, rain(bi), randomness, reading, real hip-hop, real people, ridley scott, rock, rpgs, sade, saiyuki, samurai champloo, sarcasm, scarves, sci-fi, serenity, shiina ringo, shinichiro watanabe, shopping, siberian husky, silverchair, singing, smiley face, smoothies, square enix, squish, star wars, storm, takeshi kaneshiro, the bible, the fifth element, the rock, the way, tigger, tim burton, traveling, trax, trilogies, truth, tunics, underground, unique, vector graphics, video games, vintage, voice acting, water, world music, writing, x-men, yoko kanno