Gackt- me


i experienced too many things this spring break weekend to talk about in detail so i'll just make a list and you draw your own conclusions:)

pro black cradle robber
many fine boys ride the bus alone
old neighborhood changed alittle
still creeped out by old home
younger bros are towering over me
bachelor pad
no cable
trifling bastards taking advantage of the elderly
mark wahlberg is quite intelligent and real
a perfect circle main singer guy is "interesting" looking
super chicken vs chicken boo
sadsack vs everyone
so im gonna do kraven from underworld with his fine self(yeah, thats what i meant)
freddy won
mother back from marlyand
el cortez=best authentic mexican restaurant
found two tapes of the original x-men cartoon series!!!!(1st and 8th episodes)
who the hell is sadsack?
lady marmalade and madame mim
angelina jolie is definitely of the senses realm
twins conjoined at the forehead
x-files comes on at 3pm,4pm, and 2 am
kevin shea is a funny man that doesnt sing nor bang
kevin smith's idea of eroticism is his wife naked with superman
dad is starting his music back up and i am his first sutdent!!!
the guniea pigs have gotten fatter
miss my fam so much
soloman has tracked me down!!!! dammit!
ice cream=love
what a justice system
shaped like beyonce ~oh yeah!~
more self revelation
passions of witnessing to people about Christ
not looking for love, not ready for it
alicia and missy arent even coming here
love=in=come(sp?? hehe)=vulnerability=beautiful love story
human nature
and a bunch of other stuff

we're going to see "secret window" now so this journal will be dramatically cut short. talk to yous guys laters:)
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